Friday, January 27, 2012

Our 2012 Conscious 8 Evolutionary Artists

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Creating Your Conscious Reality

Barbara Hubbard is our Grand Dame of Conscious Evolution. Her words, her service to the increase of mass awareness of our current opportunity to affect human evolution consciously,
tops our list of artists this month. Her writing is direct and specific, radiating the vast insight she willing and tirelessly shares with all who read her work.

Metamorphosis, Are You Ready for Transformation?

Lisanne locates herself in the seaside hamlet of Port Townsend, Washington. She is an internationally recognized Cosmic Midwife and shares her insights and experiences in a manner that will bring you to laughter and tears. Lisanne's work and service in dismantling traditional and ancestral paradigms is a look into our conscious lineage and how we continue to carry genetic and cultural conditionings forward generation after generation.

Your Conscious Astrology, The Sharing of a Cosmic Evolution

Tom Brady has graciously been my personal astrologer for the last several years and always delighted me with his vivid story telling and his clear and lucid guidance that he refers to as our
"Cosmic Weather Report". Tom looks at the planets, their movements and relates for 2012 what is going to take place on a cosmic scale, how that can influence the activities of Gaia and of course the trickle down to you and your conscious planetary positioning. Tom often says that with all that going on "out there" if you don't think that influences what can happen to you and your reality "then good luck". You will absolutely love his presence and his insights.

Creating the Conscious Co-creative Couple

Barbara Marciniak of "Bringers of the Dawn" takes us on a compassionate journey into the sacred space of relationship, couples and what we bring to the love field in our relationships.
You will gasp, sigh, gulp, laugh as you see yourself and the presence of your significant love interest portrayed in several different scenarios all that have the opportunity for fuller, mutually supportive and conscious expression.

Later this Month we will introduce you to our next four amazing Conscious 8 Evolutionary Artists who are committed to the actualization of our being able to shift our individualized consciousness at will, giving rise to an entirely new structural appearance of our collective reality. That possibility and its implications involves the politics of conscious change, cultural evolution and the allowance of the majestic that resides inside each of us to bring forth fully and manifest expansively into the collective consciousness. Hold onto your seats or as Lisanne would offer, "ARE YOU READY FOR TRANSFORMATION?"

The Time Is Now

Greetings Public Family of Co-creational Conscious Evolutionaries!

At last the much awaited 2012 that has created so much dialogue has arrived awaiting our
fullest participation. More dialogue has been created than any Mayan calendar construction
collective ever envisioned about this globally perceived high focus calendar year.

We are starting this promising year with a gathering of some of the planet's most verbal and innovative writers that I like to profile as Conscious Evolutionaries. These artists are not allowing our human development to just happen to them, they are consciously holding discussions, gatherings and workshops to affect our human evolution with active conscious effort.

In addition to this initial publication offering, we will be holding a monthly gathering with one or two of these same writers attending, online and accessible to you directly for your comments, observations and guidances. All free with the purchase of one of the Conscious 8 book offerings.

I join you , Public Family of Conscious Beings in proceeding into a year of perhaps the most dynamic, influential, provoking, thought exhange, dialogue sharing and conscious readings yet from our Conscious Oneness Publishing Team.